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Costas Sacas

Hi, my name is Costas Sacas and I'm a Senior Web Designer & Developer located in Europe, Romania.

After working more than 12 years in the Web Design & Development field I've decided to create a place where I can center all my business and a place where I can help people build an online presence for their business. Along the years I've worked with people across the globe helping them establish their business on the Internet.

My attention to detail its exaggerated because is a characteristic of my astrological sign which is Virgo. I can't help it. :)

I love perfection and well-organized environments. I'm also a high quality freak. I believe that quality should be in higher demand than profit. This is how we can change the world. What is the purpose in taking money from my clients for a non-quality job and go after and spend it on non-quality products in supermarkets? Since I demand high quality from the people to whom I give money in exchange for their products, I also offer high quality products to my clients in exchange for their money. If you've met a person born under the Virgo sign you know what I'm talking about. :)

Since high quality, is like an exclusive club, I don't plan on taking everybody as a client. My prices are a little more higher than the usual prices for the same software or service, but as you may already know, quality costs money and high quality costs even more money.

I prefer taking work related to Joomla CMS, WordPress front-end or developing websites on the Joomla CMS or WordPress platform.

I was born in the coding world of World Wide Web since the tables dinosaurs ruled the prehistoric World Wide Web lands. :)

I believe that every human out there, in the day that was born, came into the world with a purpose, to do something great, and this is why I think that my purpose is to be the best at what I do, to redefine the standars of high quality software all over the world and to make a contribution to other people's life helping them to make a change.

"Delivering High Quality software to the world!"
Costas Sacas


  • I am a director for www.bluereliance.co.uk. Costas has helped us a few times with websites. He always does a Superb job, cant fault anything he does. I wish he lived in the UK so we could hire him full time and lock him in the office. Costas did it again, fantastic, finished off a website for us where our last developer left us stranded. We are very please with the work Costas has done for us and have already hired him for the 3rd time now. Thanks again Costas !! ;-)
    Mandeep Dalvair www.bluereliance.co.uk
    United Kingdom
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