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  • Where can I download my templates? +

    After your payment is completed you'll receive an email with a download link or you can download them from your 2checkout account. Your 2checkout account will be created automatically soon as you make the payment for one of my products.
  • Will I get support when I subscribe to a template? +

    Yes. Support is provided free for 3 months via email. Please go to my support page and send me an email. Please make sure you add the Order Number from your 2checkout order. If you don't send a valid Order Number code you'll not get a reply. If you need more support after the 3 month period you are free to renew your subscription at half the price that you paid for your first subscription. Along with the support you'll get also the latest updates and features released for that template.
  • Where I can find my invoice? +

    In your 2checkout account. Inside your 2checkout account please click on your Order Number or View Order Details. A new page will open and in the top left corner you'll see your invoice.
  • In what currencies can I pay? +

    You can pay in any of the following currencies: EUR(Euro), USD(United States Dollar), GBP(Great Britain Pound), AUD(Australian Dollar), CAD(Canadian Dollar), JPY(Japanese Yen) plus many others listed on the checkout page.
  • What payment methods do you accept? +

    Credit Card or PayPal. Accepted credit cards are: Visa, Mastercard and EuroCard.
  • Do you offer refunds? +

    Because you have a free version to download and see if the template suits your needs, usually I don't give refunds. All options that are blocked on the free version are on the pro version as well fully functional. In special cases when the template is not functional and I can't fix the problem I'll give you a refund, but not in cases like I don't like the template or the template doesn't suit my website or I've bought the wrong product or stuff like that.
  • What help is included in support? +

    Though I'll try to help you as much as I can, because I'm not the developer of any of the third-party extensions used in my templates, support for third-party extensions is limited and not guaranteed. For third-party extensions I offer guaranteed support only for the templates created for those extensions and only for the code that I've written like SASS, LESS, CSS and some PHP code used in templates overrides. Sometimes if I can't help you with a specific third-party extension, you need to contact the developers of the extension that you need help with. Support is not provided for templates customization. If you need help with templates customization this will be charged separately.
  • On how many domains can I use the template? +

    You can use the template on 1 website(domain). If you need to use it on more than 1 website(domain) you need to buy another license.
  • For how long can I use the template? +

    You can use the template as long as you want for one website. The subscription renewal is only if you need to receive more support or receive the latest template updates.
  • Does your templates have documentation? +

    Yes. I have a documentation section, where I add monthly new tutorials on how to work with my templates.
  • Do you provide a quickstart/demo package? +

    Yes. I provide demo packages. That mean's that with a couple of clicks you can have the demo from my server on your server, ready for customization.
  • Can I edit the HTML/CSS/JAVASCRIPT/PHP? +

  • Are your templates GPL? +

    The PHP code is released under GPL license and all other code used in the templates that is already under GPL.
  • Which Joomla version are the templates compatible with? +

    Latest version.
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  • I am a director for www.bluereliance.co.uk. Costas has helped us a few times with websites. He always does a Superb job, cant fault anything he does. I wish he lived in the UK so we could hire him full time and lock him in the office. Costas did it again, fantastic, finished off a website for us where our last developer left us stranded. We are very please with the work Costas has done for us and have already hired him for the 3rd time now. Thanks again Costas !! ;-)
    Mandeep Dalvair www.bluereliance.co.uk
    United Kingdom
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